LabVIEW Pro 專業論壇-高手專訪系列-『高手文字專訪』台韓交流第二彈! LG 電子工程師與您分享經驗談
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  高手專訪系列   板主:joannachen, sarara
『高手文字專訪』台韓交流第二彈! LG 電子工程師與您分享經驗談 

聽說這位選手也是大有來頭,他可是 LG 電子的 LabVIEW 社團代表喔! (簡稱: LG 社長!?*)
1. 自我介紹
I’m working in LG Electronics; and I am also leading a “LGe LabVIEW” community in my company. Since the company affairs take large part of my daily schedule, I try to use LabVIEW in my projects.
2. 你是怎麼踏上 Coding 之路的?又是如何與 LabVIEW 相遇的呢?
I worked to develop a medical image device using LabVIEW and NI hardware as a company project in 2012. Since then, I’ve been using it.
3. 學習 LabVIEW 以來,有什麼特別有趣的事或想分享的經驗?
I didn’t learn from others how to use LabVIEW. I just learn it myself, and it was easier to learn compared to the other programming language. Especially, it was easy to make user interface when I developed program based on Windows.

I made some parts of tests while implementing MobileAP mass production project to be fully automated, which I had to do in manual before, by interlocking LabVIEW and various measuring instruments. It didn’t take 3 months to build car environmental system, and I could reduce staffs and solve the data distortion problem causing by human error through this. 

4. 請問在提升您 LabVIEW 能力的過程中論壇扮演了什麼樣的角色? 
It did a role as a bible. Many hidden LabVIEW experts have interest, and provide good solutions for problems to construct something with LabVIEW. And I could organize my LabVIEW knowledge and skills while I was working as a special writer in
5. 你是否參加過 LabVIEW 挑戰賽? 若有,請與我們簡短分享參賽後的感想。

My first motivation is to be evaluated objectively about my LabVIEW skills. The competition period was pretty long, and there were some hard moments because I couldn’t take my time enough due to personal matters. Especially, When I prepared for final, I couldn’t do it perfectly since the preparatory period of final and company is overwrapped. Finally, I couldn’t make a good result, but it was happy to know many people who has interest about LabVIEW in common. And I hope to keep our relations.

6. 目前為止自己最滿意或者印象最深刻使用 LabVIEW 完成的案子為何?
As I mentioned before, Firstly, I maximized efficiency by developing dozens of test automation solution in a short period during implementing a MobileAP mass production project. Secondly, It was the time when I was developing a medical image diagnosis. To realize new functions in the process of developing related programs, I used LabVIEW program, and make it within a development schedule. Likewise, LabVIEW provides easy and various solutions.



7. 身為工程師,遇到瓶頸或工作上問題時,是從哪裡啟發靈感,又如何解決呢?



There are few chances to occur a coding problem. Because, people write a code and check out the motion, then reflect it to main code through modeling code When people want to add a function or change it. Therefore, it’s hard to problem comes up in main code except the special case. In my case, I get inform through key words on the NI homepage when I want to add or change a new function. Through this process, I could solve almost of problems. People already concerned about most of the case, you can find a solution that you want to. Of course, I use My LabVIEW too. 
8. 可否告訴我們未來您想要完成哪些事或是有給自己設下哪些目標? (不一定要和 LabVIEW 相關)
Currently, I’m managing a LabVIEW community in my company, I’m trying to make the sites activated so that more people would use it. I hope to improve my LabVIEW skills through these all process.
9. 想對其他 LabVIEW 使用者說的話?
It’s not for only Taiwan LabVIEW Pro users, I want to say to all who has passion about LabVIEW that share their knowledge of LabVIEW they know whether it’s on-line or off-line, and get information each other what they don’t know so that it can improve their LabVIEW skills. As I suggested when we ate dinner together after the contest, I would appreciate if you share photo of individual, Phone number, current place of work to keep a network with Taiwan/China/Malaysia LabVIEW pro users.
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